The Comptix Complimentary Admission and Compliance System provides a secure and comprehensive solution for managing game ticketing for student-athletes' families and friends in compliance with NCAA, conference and school policies and regulations.


Comptix is an "extra mile" system, designed to allow college athletic programs the opportunity to meet and exceed minimum requirements while providing greater convenience for ticketing and compliance staff, student-athletes, their family and friends.


Avoid serious mistakes by implementing a rules-based system that enforces recorded policies and logs all significant activity for effective monitoring and rapid problem resolution.


24/7 scheduled uptime and round-the-clock support make your job easier.

Pricing Plans for 2024

Using Comptix services is easy. You can sign up for Comptix service today and be ready to go by your next game. No contract is required. Pay a small service charge for each ticket. Save up to 50% with a 12-month service plan and we'll waive the setup fee.

Protect your school from inadvertent rules violations. Every NCAA member should update its compliance plan for the distribution of complimentary admissions to athletic events.

Conference Members save up to 35%

Ask how you can use your conference's group buying power to save up to 35%!